Welcome to Northwoods!

We value Spirited Searching!
We are glad you found us.

Each of us at one time or another finds ourselves looking around, seeking something that will help us make more sense, bring more meaning and more connection in our lives. Whatever is propelling you to seek out a liberal faith community at this moment in your life, we welcome you in that seeking.

“Such a friendly, welcoming community of beautiful souls. I keep going back to recharge, and have not been let down once. Always a great message of love, acceptance and equality.”

Join us on Sunday on Zoom or in person at 10:30 a.m. Stay after service for coffee and conversation.

Sundays for Children

Bringing children? Northwoods has a dynamic and engaging Religious Education program.

What to expect at Sunday service:

  • You will be greeted at the door.

    A greeter will say hello at the door and you will be given an Order of Service. You will be asked to sign in. Service starts at 10:30am.

  • Attend service.

    Our services are structured much like other church services – we sing, listen to readings, have a children’s time, and hear an inspiring sermon. Children are released to religious education classes after the Time for all Ages.

  • Stay for coffee and conversation.

    We have coffee and light snacks after service every Sunday. Visitors can use a red mug (if you choose to) to signal that you are member and open to conversation from church members.

We are a Welcoming Community with open hearts. Whatever your age, gender, social background, orientation, or ethnic origin, you are welcome here.

I Want to Be With People

People seek out a church community for many reasons, including community, religious education for themselves or their families, meaningful worship time, opportunities for celebration, service and fellowship, a time of change or crisis in one’s life, or opportunities to explore life’s fundamental questions more deeply and intentionally. Each of these is a part of life at Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church.

Becoming part of the Northwoods community

  • Welcome!

    Attend Service.

    Attend one or many services. You are welcome to visit anytime!

  • Coffee and Conversation

    Get to know us!

    Get to know us in an informal setting: coffee and conversation! We have coffee and snacks every Sunday after service, and you are welcome to join us. Use a red mug to signal you are new and open to conversation (if you choose to).

    Coffee and Conversation

  • Explore

    Attend a Meet and Greet and other Northwoods events.

    Attend our monthly in-person Meet and Greet on the fourth Sunday of the month. Visitors can meet a member and ask questions about the church, Unitarian Universalism, and being a member at Northwoods. (We also host Meet and Greet events on Zoom.)

    Visitors are also invited to attend any event at Northwoods. Sign up for the newsletter and check out the order of service on Sundays to see what’s going on!

  • First Step to Membership

    Pathways Video

    Considering Membership?
    The first step to membership is watching the pathways to Membership Video on YouTube. Print the Pathways Worksheet to use while you watch the video – there are invitations to pause and respond on the worksheet. Feel free to watch in segments at whatever pace works best for you.

    First Step to Membership

  • Second Step to Membership

    Pathways Chat

    Following service scheduled Sundays, Rev. Sarah will host a “Pathways chat” for prospective new members and visitors interested in learning more about Northwoods and Unitarian Universalism. Come find out about UU, share your story, ask questions, get to know a few folks, and learn more about becoming a member. It’s an hour well spent!

  • Become a member

    Sign the Membership Book!

    After taking the Two Steps towards membership you can sign the Membership Book. New members will be recognized in our New Member Service every other month.

    Become a member

  • Get involved

    Deepen your connection with the Northwoods community

    Be supported by the community: Attend Service Auction events and other Opportunities to Connect to deepen the relationships with the Northwoods congregation.

    Support Northwoods: Provide ongoing support to Northwoods by donating your time, talent, and treasure.