Considering Membership?

Based on participant feedback, we have recently redesigned our Pathways to Membership experience, to be both more flexible and more engaging. Pathways to Membership now has TWO elements:

  • Pathways Online Class, which you can do on your own and at your own pace, and

  • Pathways Chat, a more conversational session, lasting around an hour, where you will have the chance to share responses to the questions from the online class and ask any questions of your own.

Step One: Print

Print the Pathways Worksheet to use while you watch the video.


Step Two: Watch the Video

The video is 48 minutes long, with invitations to pause and respond on the worksheet. Feel free to watch in segments at whatever pace works best for you. Save the worksheet to bring to the next Pathways Chat.

Step Three: Attend a Pathways Chat or Meet with Rev. Sarah

Following service scheduled Sundays, Rev. Sarah will host a “Pathways chat” for prospective new members and visitors interested in learning more about Northwoods and Unitarian Universalism. Come find out about UU, share your story, ask questions, get to know a few folks, and learn more about becoming a member. It’s an hour well spent!
The next Pathways Chats are scheduled for February 19 and April 16.
Schedule a meeting with Rev. Sarah to talk about membership at Northwoods. 

Now you’re ready! Sign the Membership Book! 

…and complete a New Member Form.

The NEW Pathway to Membership: Watch the Pathways video and complete the Pathways Worksheet. Attend a Pathways Chat. Sign the Membership Book!