Religious Education at Northwoods

This is what Sunday mornings look like at Northwoods, when we meet in person. We will be open again on August 22, which will be a service for all ages. Religious education classes will begin on August 29. 


Sundays at Northwoods

In Worship, During the service, children PK through 5th grade begin the worship hour in the sanctuary with their parents. They stay with their parents until invited to the front of the sanctuary for the week’s Time for All Ages, usually told by Rev. Sarah. Following the story, everyone joins in our centering song, “Spirit of Life,” after which the children are escorted to their classes by the religious education volunteers. The children will remain in their classes until they are picked up by a parent or other responsible party. 


Worship Activity Bags/Binders: are provided during every service for children (or adults, for that matter!) who need something to do with their hands during the service. Please help your child put the materials back into the bag and leave the bags in the lime green fabric boxes at the back of the sanctuary so they can be reused week to week.


Family Room: Across the hall from the kitchen is the Family Room. Parents who wish to take their infants or young children out of the service for any reason may go into the family room to continue to see and hear the service while tending to their child’s needs.


Childcare: NUUC childcare is available for children 2-3 years of age. The nursery is staffed by childcare workers every Sunday from 9:30 am—12:45pm.