Join us for Service this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Let There Be Light: A contemplative celebration of all things related to the beauty of the light: warmth of the embrace and the heat of the flame, illumination and the hope that comes with dawn.

By Rev. Sarah Prickett

With music by Folk Choir

This week: Attendance is online AND in person.

To attend in person: Masks are required in the building. Signing in is encouraged in case there is a need for contact tracing. You do not need to sign up in advance to attend service.

To attend online: Online worship will take place using the Zoom video-conferencing platform. Use our custom URL to attend service: or join by Meeting ID: 766 833 5778.


More information about attending in person


Also this Sunday…


Transforming Hearts

We will be showing the video of the fifth session of the Adult Religious Education discussion video series, called Transforming Hearts, this Sunday. The topic of this session is The Role of Culture in Trans Exclusion. In this session you’ll gain an understanding of the iceberg model of culture, explore the characteristics of mainstream culture, and learn how cultural differences between trans culture and mainstream culture contribute to trans exclusion in congregations. In the Library, at noon, and on Zoom using the church Zoom link.

Before and after service

Holiday Art Market

2022 Holiday Art and Crafts Market – Shop local and support local artisans by giving unique, handmade gifts purchased at the Northwoods Holiday Market!

10:30 a.m.

Religious Education

This Sunday in Religious Education:

  • Chalice Children – All of Me
  • Spirit Play – The Advent Story. This is a Christian-based story sharing the meaning of the Advent season.
  • Explorers – Soils and Seeds. Creating a compost bin- wear clothes that will allow you to possibly get a little dirty.
  • Connecting Faiths – Guest Speaker Stuart Eskenazi discussing his personal experience as a Jew of Sephardic descent and what is was like growing up in the Sephardic community in Seattle, Washington.
  • Youth – Heal by Telling the Truth about Thanksgiving (Anti-Racism and 8th Principle Focus)

Stay after service by Holiday Pageant walk-through.

Options for Younger Children:

Chalice Children: (2-3 years of age) Families with young children can drop off their children with our wonderful childcare team before service starts or at any time during the service.

Wee Worship: Families with young children are also welcome to keep their children in service and use the Wee Worship play area at the front of the sanctuary.

Family Room: The Family Room offers a window into the sanctuary (and rockers and toys) so you can watch the service while attending to your child’s needs.

More information for children and families

Did you miss service last week? Visit our Youtube channel to catch up. 

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