REligious Education At Northwoods

Welcome to Northwoods! We’re glad your family is here. We hope this community will be a place of growth and learning for your whole family.

Our Religious Education classes and meetings teach our Unitarian Universalist principles and values, and promote understanding of world religions. 

We offer online Religious Education for children of all ages. For now, all of our classes and meetings are online. 

What do we believe? 

These are the guiding principles in Unitarian Universalism, and the foundation of our lessons:

The Seven UU Principles

1st Principle: We believe that each and every person is important.

2nd Principle: We believe that all people should be treated fairly and kindly.

3rd Principle: We believe that we should accept one another and keep on learning together.

4th Principle: We believe that each person must be free to search for what is true and right in life.

5th Principle: We believe that all persons should have a vote about the things that concern them.

6th Principle: We believe in working for a peaceful, fair, and free world.

7th Principle: We believe in caring for our planet Earth, the home we share with all living things.


Hogwarts Registration Now Open!

We will be having Hogwarts and UU Summer Camp in person at Northwoods UU Church July 19-23. There are a limited number of spaces available to accommodate social distancing, CDC, and TEA Guidelines. If your child is interested, please sign up quickly. Payments can be mailed in or you can use the church text donation link by simply sending a text to 832-637-6562 (Northwoods’ text donation number) with the cost for your camper or campers. The first time you text a donation, you will be asked to enter your information on Vanco’s secure site where it will be saved, so you won’t have to enter it again. Add the code “camp” after the amount. You can also make payment online, using summer camp designation.

2021 Hogwarts and UU Summer Camp Registration Form

2021 Prefects and Assistant Professors Registration Form 7th-12th grade ONLY

Please note:Prefects and Assistant Professors are not required to pay for camp as they will be working and may not be able to do activities every day.

We can’t wait to see everyone back at camp this year!!!

How to Sign Up and Participate in Religious Education: 

Your children can participate in Religious Education by registering using the link below. Our Coordinator of Religious Education, Gay Lynn Pierce, will contact you with the Zoom and/or PowerPoint links when your registration is received.



Making Time for Renewal

Introducing a new opportunity for families to connect during the week with each other and once a month with other parents! We found an amazing opportunity through Soul Matters. Our Religious Education Coordinator, Gay Lynn Pierce, will be present the program at 11:45 on the first Sunday of every month. Parents are invited to join her to learn concrete ways for sharing our faith and beliefs during the week. In this time when our lives are so out of balance, we are looking for easy, no-prep ways to practice our principles and live out our Unitarian Universalist values. Activities for both inside and outside the home will be provided as well as a time for discussion with other parents. Sign ups or RSVPs are not needed – just show up! 

These groups will meet in the “digital sanctuary,” using the same Zoom link we use for worship: (Meeting ID: 766 833 5778).


Class Summaries for April

Spirit Play-

This month, our spirit Play, Montessori -based class for children PK-1st grade, will hear stories and have the opportunity to discuss stories from our Humanist Source of science, The Lifecycle of the Butterfly, explore our 6th principle “insist on freedom, justice, and peace for all” in The Hunter and His Dog, and  draw from our Earth-based sources in the Beltane Story of the Maypole . Each of these stories are followed by wondering questions and connections to our 7 UU principles. 


Using our 7 principles and our values, the 2nd-5th graders will view Disney and Pixar shorts and discuss how the lessons in them can be applied to their lives. Some of the lessons will be followed by activities and experiments. The shorts for this month are “Puddles” ,  “For the Birds”, and ”Marine Life Adventures”

Crossing Paths-

During the month of April, the middle school class will  continue exploring the connections between Hinduism and Unitarian Universalism and begin their exploration of Buddhism. They will have the opportunity to learn about the history and core beliefs of Buddhism, experience Buddhist worship service and discuss their thoughts with someone from the faith. 

Youth- This class is composed of our 9th-12th graders. 

The theme for April is “Commitment”. The three lessons for this month are as follows:

  1. Session 1. “ Commitment to Curiosity”
  2. Session 2. “Commitment to  Change”
  3. Session 3. “Commitment to  Conscience”


Spirit Play

(Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade)

Now on Zoom! Children explore our Unitarian Universalist values and principles through storytelling and opportunities for extension activities. Children will have the chance to participate by choosing items for the worship table each week, choosing our alter cloth, and sharing their extension activities through photos.



(2nd through 5th grade)

CARTUUNS Curriculum at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning on Zoom. CARTUUNS uses animated shorts from Pixar and Disney as the basis for discussion about the values inherent in Unitarian Universalism. Discussions and activities created for online classes will follow a viewing of the “short” for the week.


Middle School

(6th – 8th Grade)

Crossing Paths Curriculum at 11:30 AM on Sunday morning on Zoom. While rooted in interfaith engagement, this curriculum is focused on helping youth develop and clarify their own UU identity. The program has been revised so that youth can learn about the various religions through videos and online zoom conversations with religious leaders, rather than in-person visits. There will be experiential learning components by offering games and activities that can be done together online.


(9th – 12th Grade)

On The Road Together Curriculum: 11:30 AM on Sunday morning. Discussions and activities will focus on our UU values and principles and how they relate to our ever-changing world. Monthly packets will be offered, filled with creative, high quality worship, games, meditations, reflections, stories, art engagement, discussion starters, etc. 

UUr Space: 5:00 PM on Sunday afternoons. In UUr Space, we will be discussing current events and the youth experience and expression of their place in the world today. 

When we Meet in person

All of our activities for children and adults are currently online. If you are interested to know what worship for children looks like when we meet in the building, click here. 

In-Person RE