Open Service Auction Parties!

If you missed out on a Sign Up there might still be time. Below are the open Service Auction events and parties still available for SIGN UP! You can sign up by using our Auction website, or by contacting the church office (281-298-2780). 


239 ⬥ Royal Icing Summer Sugar Cookie Limit: 15 Cost Per Person $40 Decorating Class All supplies will be provided to decorate 6 sugar cookies and take them home. I will guide you through the selected designs. You will also receive my recipes and tips and tricks note sheet. Colors and designs of attached file may vary slightly. You can see my work on my Facebook or Instagram . Alcohol free event at Northwoods. Covid protocols as applicable.
Date: Saturday June 4, 2022 – 2pm
Donated by Hilary Valor

242 ⬥ Wild (and Sweet) Bunco Bunch Limit: 50 Cost Per Person $10 Put on your hot and bright colors (or not: costumes encouraged but not required) and join the wild women of Northwoods for a night of high-stakes bunco at the church. Please bring $10 cash and an appetizer or dessert to share. Your Service Auction Committee will provide water, wine, beer, and sodas. And lots of dice!!! If you are new to Northwoods, this is a great function to attend. You move around, so get to interact with a number of people. If you’re not new to Northwoods, it’s still good!
Date: Friday August 12, 2022: 7pm
Donated by Service Auction Committee

243 ⬥ Strategy Games Limit: 24 Cost Per Person $15 Tables will be set for 2-4 players of Innovation, Dominion, Ticket to Ride Europe and/or Caverna. You will get to pick your seat ahead of time and know what to come prepared to play. No previous experience required, but an enjoyment of strategy games is a must! Tea, water, fruit, cheese and crackers will be provided (and maybe some dark chocolate). Feel free to bring some other food for yourself. Alcohol-free event at Northwoods.
Date: Saturday August 27, 2022: 3pm
Donated by Kathryn Donohue

244 ⬥ Friendly Jigsaw Puzzle Competition Limit: 12 Cost Per Person $20 Paired partners will enjoy putting together a beautiful 300 piece puzzle – the best time wins bragging rights. The top 3 teams get to take home the puzzles! Light snacks and drinks provided. Location dependent on sign-up number and COVID situation at the time. Adults and tweens welcome. Alcohol-free event.
Date: Saturday September 10, 2022: 1 – 4pm
Donated by Kate Rhoad

246 ⬥ Beatnik Night at Dragonfly Place  Audience Limit:20 Cost Per Person $20 Join us for a groovy evening of poetry readings, soliloquies, improvisational jazz (if you like!), or anything else you’d like to perform at our dive bar Dragonfly Place provided by our own talented Northwoodsians. Sign up on the other list to be a cool cat performer. Sign up here to be part of the hip audience. Go ape over the delicious party snacks and beverages. Dress the part if you like. Berets and turtlenecks welcome! Dig it man!
Date: Saturday September 17, 2022 – 6:30pm
Donated by Susan Powers

248 ⬥ Happy Birthday Bilbo! Limit: 14 Cost Per Person $20 Come to the Annual Birthday Celebration for Bilbo Baggins, the famousest of all the Hobbits! There will be food, drink, music, more food, games, videos, enough food for proper after-dinner tucking-in-the-corners, and good conversation about the incredible Professor Tolkien and the astounding World he created. All Hobbits, friends of Hobbits, and other devotees of Middle-earth. (Peter Jackson fans may also come; masking may be required, depending on guests). Held at Paddy Gordon’s house this year!
Date: Saturday September 24, 2022: 6:30 – 10:30
Donated by Jeff Graeber

249 ⬥ Open Mike: Night of Naughty Limit: 16 Cost Per Person $35 Back by popular demand after a short hiatus: we are proud to present our 4th Open Mike: Night of Naughty. Performers are invited to make an off-color presentation of their own choosing. Song, story, dance, painting or photography, whatever your imagination inspires you to do. Adults only. NOTE: If you sign up here, you are expected to perform. For those who aren’t bold enough to perform/present but can’t stand the thought of missing out, there’s a slightly more expensive spectator’s version of this party. (sold out) Vaccinated guests only, please.
Date: Saturday October 3, 2022 – 6:30pm
Donated by Rusty and Kate Rhoad, Sue Ridgway, Kathryn Donohue

251 ⬥ Wine Tasting at the Merriam’s Bar & Grill Limit: 15 Cost Per Person $25
Come see if you can tell the difference between a $3.00 and a $65.00 bottle of wine. Both white and red wines will be offered. Date: Saturday October 15, 2020: 7pm
Donated by Rud Merriam and Shari Wood-Merriam

252 ⬥ For Science-loving Kids Limit: 3 Cost Per Person $25 Teresa Allen will escort three lucky kids (age 8-13, please) for a tour of the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Lunch at the museum will be provided. Alcohol-free event. Date: TBD by all parties
Donated by Teresa Allen

254 ⬥ Let’s Go to the Movies!!! Limit: 11 Cost Per Person $15 Who knows what we are going to see, but we’re going to the movies! Mira will rent out the movie theater (date to be determined) and 11 other lucky people get to go with her. She’s a fan of comedies, science fiction, and period dramas. Horror and gore fans need not apply. Refreshments not included. Date depending on what’s showing when.
Date: TBD
Donated by Mira Dessy

255 ⬥ Healthy Readers Book Club Limit: 100 Cost Per Person $60 Join Mira for a year of reading fascinating books on the topics of health, wellness, nutrition, the environment, and more. 10 books per year (we read and discuss one/month), curated by Mira. Membership includes a private forum where Mira shares book annotations and resources plus a monthly virtual book club discussion. Can start in November or December. See for more details.
Date: Can start November or December
Donated by Mira Dessy

259 ⬥ Northwoods Notecards Limit: 12 Cost Per Person $15 Our beautiful Northwoods ceramic display in the vestibule was created during a Service Auction party several years ago. Now you can have a set of lovely notecards of that artwork. 5 cards and self-seal envelopes. Date: n/a
Donated by Stewardship & Generosity Committee