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Northwoods School of Magic and Mystery registration is open – Register quickly as spaces fill up within the first week!

Northwoods School of Magic and Mystery Summer Camp

Monday, July 17 to Friday, July 21

9am to 4pm

Cost: $125 for the first camper and $100 for each additional sibling. Please inquire about available financial assistance if needed.

Please click below to either register your campers or register your Youth Volunteers. We can’t wait to see everyone at camp!

Camper Registration: Rising 1st grade to rising 6th grade

Youth Volunteer Registration: Rising 7th grade to Young Adult

What Happened To Harry Potter Camp ??????

Northwoods has hosted Hogwarts and UU Camp off and on since 2008 . This has been a much loved camp theme with lots of enthusiasm, energy, and acceptance. It gave campers the opportunity to not only explore magic, but weave our values into something we could proudly share with the community. In June of 2020, JK Rowling began making anti-trans statements. As she was called out on these, she tried explaining herself, but ultimately went back to her original offensive statements. This has continued throughout the past 2 years. As such, Northwoods no longer feels comfortable giving even the slightest impression that we support her anti-trans views. 

Over the past few years, summer camp has morphed into something that we alone have created. The classes, beliefs, topics, and themes have taken on a life of their own separate from the JK Rowling “Harry Potter” series. While some of the structure remains the same ( 4 houses, professors, prefects, some of the subjects), the rest is of our own design based on our Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values and the needs of our community. This camp has grown every year through the work of our youth and has become a camp of which we can be proud.

This year we will move forward with integrity while still providing a camp that brings magic to so many of us once a year. After all, there is so much more magic in the world other than what Harry Potter brings. While families and campers will not notice a huge difference, we will know that we are doing what is right and true by siding with justice, equity and fairness for all while supporting the rights of everyone in our communities. We will continue to share our beliefs and values in a fun, magical and mysterious way so that all who enter our hallowed halls will feel loved and accepted. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me with the contact information below.

So are you still ready to explore the magic and mystery of the world??? If so, indicate below, gather all of your magical garb ( robes, hats, wands, fairy wings, unicorn horns, etc..) and head to Northwoods School of Magic and Mystery this summer!!!