Northwoods Connections

The Northwoods’ Membership Committee began the “Group of 10” program to foster connections and strengthen our church community. With COVID-19 keeping us physically distanced, we are rebooting the program in the coming weeks. Here are your options as part of Northwoods Connections.


Click here to tell us how you want to be connected!

Discussion Groups:

Group members will exchange ideas through their preferred communication method. Topics may be a monthly theme or based on group interests. Expect to have “conversations” at least once a month, or throughout the month.

Pick your group based on the means of communication:

A) Facebook

B) Zoom

C) Reply-All Email

D) Group Text

E) Distanced Meet Up: These in-person, safe meetings will follow church guidelines for in person gatherings. Each member of this group will host at least one meet-up; for example, at a public park.

Other ways to make connections: 

Don’t need that sort of connection? Then opt for:

Occasional Email Contact: You will receive occasional emails throughout the year with announcements and updates beyond the Beacon Bits.

Text Reminders: Email Jamie ( with your name and cell phone number to receive text reminders about Sunday Services and other Northwoods events.

Note: In case of emergency (such as flooding), the Membership Committee will reach our congregation through an Emergency Phone Tree via our Membership Directory.

How to get started: 

If you are a member and are currently in a “Group of 10,” your leader will be contacting you soon to find out your preference. Or you can contact Sara DaSilva ( to register your preference. If you don’t need any contact, let your leader know.










You may be wondering…


Q: Can I change groups after a while?

A: Of course!


Q: How long does this program last?

A: As long as it’s working for participants.


Q: Do I need to be a member to join a group?

A: We welcome all those in our NW community who wish to have deeper connections with each other and are willing to commit to participate in one of these groups.


Q: What if I am happy in my current “Group of 10”?

A: Let your leader know and you will end up in a similar group.


Q: Do I have to decide now?

A: Yes! We plan to get started in March.