Mixed media (paper and stone)
8″ x 10″
Time reduces mighty boulders to mere flecks of stone. But some resist longer. They stand up to wind and water, exemplifying . . . hope.



Woven Together

Mixed Media
12″ x 12″
Stacked stones fascinate us. So ephemeral–we expect to come back on the morrow to find them scattered about the earth. But still they stand.




Rowes Warf

Mixed media

48″ x 36″

An actual wharf in Boston, this land-and-seascape has playful textures, patterns, and shadows worked into the papers. It calls you to examine the details, and at the same time lures you into the lap of the waves against the piers.



About Kate

There’s magic in art. Standing in front of a 14,000 year old cave painting is as sacred as being in any cathedral. But there’s extra magic in art from found objects. Each bit has its own history that it brings to the piece. A rusted chunk of metal, a twisted length of wire—what life came before this one? A twisted branch, bark long since worn away. A torn bit of a map, a memento from some honeymoon trek to a beach; a line from a music score rescued from a box in a junk shop; a bit of wrapping paper that once delighted a child as he discovered the treasure within.

I love to work surrounded by my collected materials—bits of this and that, each with its own tale—breathing it all in as the piece that they long to become forms and dances in my imagination. Dreaming of the place on your wall that will be the next chapter of their story.

To contact Kate: katerhoad@sbcglobal.net.

Purchasing Art

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