Your Participation is Needed! Email Rev. Sarah Today!

This year, we will once again build a community altar with remembrances of our ancestors of blood and spirit. In keeping with our new ways of worshipping together, this altar will be both digital and physical. We will also have a moment in the service to say the names of those who have died in the past year as well as those new lives we have welcomed into the world this year. Rev. Sarah needs your help to do both!

How to participate:

1. DIGITAL ALTAR (video): Email Rev. Sarah pictures (and names) of those you would like to remember on our digital altar; if you like, include a few descriptive words or a brief message. (If you do not have pictures, please send in names and messages on their own; we’ll include them as well.) If you will be attending online and would like Rev. Sarah to print your picture and/or message to include on the physical altar, please indicate that in your email. 

2. PHYSICAL ALTAR (in Sanctuary): You are invited to bring items that represent your beloved dead-photographs, mementos, letters, etc.-to add to our community altar during the service. This is a multigenerational service – children are encouraged to participate by recognizing deceased family members, friends, and pets as well.

NOTE: In addition to your own beloved dead, you are encouraged to share your “spiritual ancestors”, those individuals you may not know personally, but whom you look to for wisdom and guidance. (For example, Rev. Sarah might bring a Carl Sagan quote, a picture of Mr. Rogers, and her old worn copy of The Fellowship of the Ring.)

If you have lost someone or welcomed a new life into your circle of family and friends in the past year, please email Rev. Sarah those names to be read during the service. (This year’s births and deaths only; there will be an additional opportunity to name and call on those ancestors who have died before this year, but you don’t need to send in their names.)

Please send your submissions to Rev. Sarah before 10 am on Saturday Oct. 30 (