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Frequently Asked Auctria Questions:

Do I have to register with Auctria to bid or sign up? Yes, we are using the Auctria platform for silent auction bidding and sign ups this year.

What About Bidder Numbers?

Our hybrid service auction event is planned in such a way that you WILL NOT need a bidder number. This is how the bidding will happen:

  • All silent auction and sign up transactions will happen online in our service auction website. You will not need a bidder number, but you WILL need an account on Auctria!
  • If you are attending on Zoom, you will post your LIVE auction bids in the Zoom chat. You will not need a bidder number to do this.
  • If you are attending in person, you will be given a paddle to use for your LIVE auction bids when you arrive at the event.

Should I sign up for my spouse/partner? Registering each bidding member of your family will allow you to divide and conquer during the sign up portion of the Service Auction, but it is your choice if you choose to participate together or separately. Unless you both choose to pay later by check, you will pay separately. (The same card can be used.)

Dividing and Conquering Sign Ups: You can purchase multiple slots on sign up items, so you will be able to purchase a spot for your spouse/partner/friend/etc. 

What if I don’t want to enter my credit card information? When you register, you can choose to enter your credit card information later. Enter your name and contact information, then click on “Continue to Register Card.” When you are on the card registration page, click “Skip this Step.”

What if I want to pay by cash or check? Payments can still be made by cash or check. Checks can be mailed to our PO box (NUUC, PO Box 9236, Spring, Texas, 77387.) If you are attending in person, cash and check payments can be made at the event. Or you can arrange to make payment by emailing