Fair Share Giving the UU Way

Yahweh of the Judean/Christian scriptures demands that His people tithe—that is, give one tenth of their possessions to Him. The Puritan tradition takes that a step further: tithe or go to hell. Makes fundraising much simpler than it is for UU’s.

We Unitarian Universalists, guided in equal parts by what makes sense to our reason and what moves our heart, turn instead to the guiding concept of “Fair Share Giving.” This level of giving is a balance of these two needs:

Giving at a level that will sustain our Northwoods faith community and allow it to prosper and grow into a force that will shape our greater community, our nation, and the world.
Giving at a level that satisfies your personal need to give, to make some sacrifice for what you believe in, to be a part of the force that will change our greater community, our nation, and the world.
A Fair Share Giver is just that: a member who recognizes that value that Northwoods plays in their life and in the greater world and is committed to its financial health.

Not everyone has the same relationship with their church. Read the descriptions of the various levels of Fair Share Giving, and see if any of them match your commitment to Northwoods.

Supporter: Is Northwoods a significant part of your spiritual and intellectual life?

Sustainer: Is Northwoods your central community? Are you committed to sustaining its programs and ministries?

Visionary: Is your commitment a clear demonstration of the unique importance of this congregation and your spiritual principles?

Transformer: Are you deeply committed to Northwoods? Do you choose to provide fuel for transformation, living out your UU principles as part of your spiritual practice?

Now take a look at the suggested percentage of your income that matches that commitment. Note that the percentages are graduated by income level, since families with lower income levels generally make a greater commitment at any giving level than families with higher incomes.

If you are moved to become a Fair Share Giver but find that leaping from your current level of giving to a much higher figure is daunting, commit instead to become a “Fair Share Seeker.” Choose your own level of giving, matched with a personal commitment to increase that level gradually until you reach the suggested percentage.

If you discover that you are already a Fair Share Giver but the words of a higher category are more closely aligned with your commitment to Northwoods, you can progress toward the next level in the same way.


Help to calculate your Fair Share Pledge

Help to move toward your Fair Share Giving category as a Fair Share Seeker

Fair Share Giving Chart