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Adult Forum: OK, I’m vaccinated against COVID– now what?

Adult Forum at Noon

Join Larry Loomis-Price to answer the big question on so many minds:

OK, I’m vaccinated against COVID– now what?

In December, we discussed whether or not we should get vaccinated (answer: “yes!”) and which vaccine to get (answer: “the first one available.”). But COVID-19 (Sars-Cov-2) isn’t gone, and there are still plenty of questions to answer. In this audience-driven talk, I’ll do my best to answer questions that you have about COVID, COVID variants, the differences between the vaccines, booster shots, etc. This works best if you bring lots of questions, and even better if you send them to me early so I can be prepared to discuss what you want to know. Please email questions (as many as you want, and as vague or detailed as you want) to LLoomisPrice@yahoo.com. I’ll try to get to all questions I receive by Saturday, July 31, and as many questions as possible that you have after that. (This will be much less formal than last time — if you want to review what we talked about in December, that video is available at here, or search for “Loomis-Price Covid Vaccine.”)


Aug 29 2021


10:30 am