Northwoods Creative Maladjustment Week Jan. 7 – Jan. 17

Northwoods Creative Maladjustment Week Jan. 7 – Jan. 17

Day 1: Day of Creativity

Make Art! Create a personal art piece inspired by the theme of CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT. It could be a collage, painting, song, video, textile art…whatever medium you like to work with! 

Art as Public Witness! Organize your family or friends to do a sidewalk chalk campaign! Draw and/or write positive slogans and quotes or fun pictures on the sidewalk downtown or in high traffic areas so that people on their way to work will witness your creative maladjustment!

Appreciate Others’ Art! Alone or with family and friends, visit an art gallery or museum online. Look for ways that the artists challenged the status quo or used their art to spread a message of tolerance, community, protest and critical thought.

Day 2: Day of Action and Movement

Write a Letter! Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper in response to an article that talks about what YOU’RE creatively maladjusted to.

Petition! Craft a petition on your creative maladjustment at (or find one that already exists) and promote it through your Facebook and social media outlets. 

Make a Statement! Draft a PROCLAMATION OF MALADJUSTMENT describing what you’re maladjusted to. Post it in your house, email it to Rev. Sarah to share in a worship service, or share it on social media.

Use Your Body! All bodies are good bodies. How does your body like to move? Whether it’s taking the dog for a walk, playing a pickup basketball game, sitting in meditation or playing with your grandkids, use your body today in a loving, mindful way.

Day 3: Day of Laughter and Joyful Noise

Share a Joke! Print out your favorite puns, riddles, and jokes on cards, and hand them out in the streets. Use them to start a conversation about Creative Maladjustment Week and YOUR creative maladjustment! 

Share a Laugh! Watch a comedian who challenges social norms and “punches up” to bring awareness of oppression through their humor. You can find lots of videos on YouTube, and Netflix and other streaming services are also good resources. (Suggestions: Trevor Noah, Hannah Gadsby, John Leguizamo, Drew Lynch, Negin Farsad, Hasan Minhaj)

Keep it Silly! When you go about your business today, commit to doing or wearing something just a little. . . off, as a physical reminder of your sense of maladjustment. Choose a funny way of walking, go in doors backwards, wear your shirt inside out. . . the choice is up to you.

Day 4: Day of Kindness

Share Your Time! You can share your company or time informally with someone — anyone — who might be lonely. Give them a call, catch up on Zoom, or even go for a walk. Offer them some loving companionship! 

Volunteer! Make a plan to share your talents and love for life in whatever way you like — whether it’s music, art, or simple conversation, it will be appreciated!

Guerilla Acts of Kindness! Make a bunch of uplifting cards and notes. Include some Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes if you like! Go out in the evening and stealthily leave the notes and cards where others can find  them — tied to a fence, on a bench, at a bus stop, in a book at the library. You will bring a smile to a stranger’s face when they find your card!

Day 5: Day of Self-Care

Treat Yourself! Treat yourself to something you thought you might not have time for. This does not have to mean anything material. Have you always wanted to teach yourself a new language? Have you wanted to learn an instrument but put it off? How about starting a book you’ve always meant to read?

Make a Peaceful Space! Give yourself the gift of a private, peaceful time of stillness. Go to a quiet, comforting place, take a few deep breaths, and just BE!

Write Yourself a Letter! Write a letter to your future self. Tell you what you hope to accomplish and share some wisdom and inspiration from the moment. Seal the envelope and write the date or event that will cause your future self to read what you wrote.

Start a Journal! Start a CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT JOURNAL where you can record your critical thoughts about society and how to make this world a better place.

Day 6: Day of Community Care

Give of Yourself! Take one of your talents (cooking? music? sewing? construction? sports? … you know you have them!) and figure out a way to offer a piece of it, free, to the public. Perform your music in the park, set up a “sample” table and hand out samples of your favorite recipe (and recipe cards sharing how you made it), etc. Offer your gifts to the community as a sign of good will!

Volunteer! Reach out to an existing non-profit or community-building group in your area and offer them your skills as a volunteer! Are you a good writer? Web designer? People person? Whatever your strengths, these groups could certainly use your help.

Care for Your Neighbors! Get to know the people who live near you. Bring them a gift of yourself — share a snack, play them some music, tell them a little about yourself and learn a bit about them in return. If your neighbors could use your help, offer it!

Jan. 17: Proud to Be Maladjusted! Join Northwoods for a worship service blending the inspiring message of Dr. King, and reflections on what his words mean half a century later. Please share your creative experiments and musings on maladjustment with Rev. Sarah no later than Jan. 15 for inclusion in the service, and stay afterward for small group conversation on creativity, maladjustment, resistance and change-making in your own life.