The local Ukrainian community has roots at Northwoods and asked for our help. As they helplessly watch the war unfold they have been called into action by taking up collections that will be transported to New Jersey the week of March 20th, and then flown to Poland for distribution into Ukraine.

Our friends ask for items to help keep warm (mittens, jackets, blankets, etc.) and also medical equipment, including wound dressing supplies. For a complete list of items, see below.

Items can be brought to the church through March 20.

Other ways to help:

Donate to the UUSC: Help UUSC deliver aid with dignity and assist grassroots communities who are left out of traditional relief aid following crises. Your generous gift is a lifeline of support for people around the world rebuilding their lives and recovering from disasters.

Other Places to Donate (endorsed by the UUSC)

  • The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UHF) : an international collection for Ukrainian people.
  • Fight for Right : fighting for the rights of people with disabilities in Ukraine.
  • Razom: means “together” in Ukrainian. Dedicated to organizing volunteer forces. Currently focused on procuring medical supplies.
  • Voices of Children: provides support to children who have suffered as a result of war.

Unique Ways to Give Directly to Ukrainian People:



Collections for Ukraine
All donations will be transported from the Woodlands to Dallas and then to New Jersey by truck drivers who are ready
to help, and then by plane to Poland (by shipping company Nova Poshta). The volunteer center is located at Gastronom
International Food at Graces Nutrition Market (1421 Spring Cypress Rd, TX 77380)
Donations can be brought to the church through March 20.
knee pads,
ballistic goggles,
winter shoes,
warm socks
sleeping pads
Military individual first aid kit
Occlusive dressing
Junctional tourniquet
Military medical backpacks
Hydrogel dressing
Bag valve mask/Ambu bag
Portable Defibrillator
Pulse oximetry
Х-ray transparent stretchers
Portable ventilator
Vacuum split
External fixation device
Vacuum therapy machine
S size cups for vacuum therapy machine
M size cups for vacuum therapy machine
L size cups for vacuum therapy machine
Catheter Venflon 16, 18, 20, 22 G
Alcohol wipes №1
Individual dressing package
Morphine hydrochloride solution for injection 1% – 1,0
Promedol (trimeperidine) solution for injection 20 mg/ml – 1,0
Fentanyl solution for injection 0.05 mg/ml – 2,0
Ketamine sol for injection 50 mg/ml – 2,0
Ditiline sol for injection 20 mg/ml – 5,0
Syrette painkillers
Moxifloxacin 400 mg N5
Meloxicam 7.5 mg N20
Diphtheria-tetanus toxoid (anatoxin)
Rabies vaccine
Ofloxacin eye/ear drops 0,3%
Antiviral drug