Save the Date:

Northwoods 2022 Service Auction Event

Saturday, November 5, 2022

It’s Out of this World!


RSVP! for the Service Auction

Let us know how you will attend – in person or on Zoom. In person attendance is limited to 70 spots, so RSVP early! RSVP at the Service Auction table on Sundays, or use the link below. In person seating will be assigned, and food will be coordinated by the table leaders for table family-style sharing.

RSVP for the Service Auction!

A little about the Service Auction:

The Service Auction is the largest fund-raising event for Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church. But just as importantly, it is a FUN-raiser. The events sold at the auction form the social hub of Northwoods. Everyone is invited — there is NO CHARGE for attending. ​

Service Auction FAQ

Don’t Forget to Register to BID!

We are using Auctria again this year for sign-ups and bidding.

If you have never used Auctria before: Download the app on your phone, or visit the website ( to register. 

If you registered with the Auctria last year for the 2021 Home Sweet Home service auction event:

  • If using the App: Sign in to the app. An orange box should appear on the screen that says “There is a newer event available: Northwoods is Out of This World.” Click the orange box and follow the instructions to register for this year’s event.
  • If using the Auctria website: Go to the website ( and sign in. Click the “Register” button to register for this year’s event.

How to Prepare for the Journey…

Sign Up to Attend and Register to Bid.

RSVP to Attend! (click here to RSVP!). Register to BID! (click here to register!)

Make Donations!

Donations come in three categories:

  • Signups are events hosted by Northwoods folks, sold at a set price per attendee. These events may be parties, classes, contests, or services. Do you have a skill, hobby, or interest that you’d like to share? Turn your nebulous ideas into events that raise money for Northwoods!
  • Live Auction  – Highly coveted items or services are sold to the highest bidder at a live auction. Items may range from use of a vacation home to window washing to custom song writing.
  • Baskets – Donated goods or services make up close to 100 (!) themed baskets: exercise, pets, wine, beer, coffee, tea, cooking, green cleaning, teen…there is a themed basket for everyone! You can donate an entire basket, or just an item. No donation is too small! Smaller donations can be combined with others to make stellar baskets that are sold in our SILENT AUCTION!

Instructions for making donations are at the bottom of this page.


(Join in person, or by Zoom or join by Meeting ID: 766 833 5778.)
DOORS OPEN AT 5:30PM – Log on to Zoom or join us at church.

Handy Checklist

How to Make Donations: 

Donations of goods or services may be made by filling out a Services_Items Contract. You can contact the office to arrange for item drop off ( Please use a separate contract for each donation.  If you would like to donate an event, service, or party for sign up, use the Parties_Events Contract. We use the word “contract” to emphasize that you are making a commitment to perform a specific service; please remember that it is your responsibility to do so. It is your responsibility as a donor to see that the contract is fulfilled. .Please complete the contract blanks fully. Be creative with your descriptions – you are selling your service or event. 


Save the Date!

Saturday, November 5, 2022